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About Us

Tiger cubs usually stay with their mothers for two years before venturing out on our own. Some aren’t able to do so… since they’re an endangered species. There once were a 100 million, but now there are about 3,500 left.

One of the biggest reasons for this is the destruction of their habitat. Tigers are forced to wander into human territory, looking for food, which is where they lose most of their pack to poachers. The cubs find themselves alone…

We aim to protect tigers to ensure they are able to safely grow up, breed and continue increasing their population. Once graduated, they can roam towards their life’s calling. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to a Tiger Reserve, located in India (home to half of the remaining tigers in the world). It’s without these contributions and protection that tigers might go extinct within the next few decades. At Safe Haven, our mission is to serve as such.



Classes are about to start! We’re almost ready to welcome you with open paws to our school. We will continue our social media marketing strategies to prepare for our drop, where 9,999 Roaming Cubs are getting ready to roam.


We’ll separate 9+ Roaming Cubs to gift to our pack with Giveaways and Collaborations with artists and celebrities. We continue with our social media marketing strategies, to make the minting process easier.


We’ve launched, and classes have started! Welcome to Safe Haven, cubs. 9,999 tiger cubs are ready to learn the survival skills needed to fend themselves in the wild, while roaming through life’s challenges. May this cub serve as your proof of membership, granting you access to future drops and our pack.


The Roaming Cubs class is graduating! Airdropping graduated cubs to holders. This graduated cub will serve as your ticket to the Class Night. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to a Tiger Reserve, located in India; home to half of the remaining tigers in the world.


Safe Haven’s mission will never reach completion. Our purpose is to protect endangered cubs, one species at a time. We plan to continue doing so through our contributions and our pack’s (your) support. We will also may be looking for collaborations in the metaverse space.


All of our cubs are unique, but some cubs are more legendary than others. We’ve designed a trait rarity system to let you know which of our cubs are likely to roam the most.

There are 89 total traits in the Safe Haven and these have been ranked from ‘common’ all the way through to ‘legendary’.

Click below to check them out.


There are 34 common traits for our Roaming Cubs.


There are 34 common traits for our Roaming Cubs.


There are 26 rare traits for our Roaming Cubs.


There are 20 epic traits for our Roaming Cubs.


There are 9 legendary traits for our Roaming Cubs.


1. When is the launch?

We are planning to launch on December 4th, 2021.

1. When is the launch?

We’re planning to launch on December 4th, 2021.

2. How much will minting cost?

Mint price will be 1 SOL and there will be 9,999 Roaming Cubs available to mint.

3. Is there a mint limit?

Yes and no. We will be limiting people to 1 Roaming Cub per transaction. This does mean you can return to the mint section as many times as you want, though.

4. How to mint?

In order to mint, you will have to wait till our launch day and you need to have a Solana Chain supporting wallet. We ultimately recommend using Phantom, but feel free to use your favorite.

You will need to fund your wallet, connect said wallet to page, click mint, approve and wait to receive your Roaming Cub!

Every cub has a story, what’s yours?

5. Where can I trade my Roaming Cubs?

Roaming Cubs will be available for trading at launch on

6. Is rarity important to you?
Yes, rarity is very important to us. This is why we’ve designed a Rarity System that lists the traits from “Common”, all the way through “Legendary”. All of Roaming Cubs’ 89 traits and their rarity level can be viewed here.